Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

TOPAKUSTIK®- and TOPPERFO®- products are manufactured from medium density fiberboard (MDF) as a standard. Thanks to the homogeneous structure, MDF is well suited for this application. MDF panels are produced form soft and hard wood fibers width adding binding agents. Only panels meeting the international emission values E1 are processed. Panels are also available with no added formaldehyde and FSC certified upon request.

Details for Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)


The advantages of MDF at a glance:

  • homogeneous structure
  • we only process panels of the class E1 or below
  • MDF with no added urea formaldehyde possible
  • MDF panels with the FSC label available

Individual solutions and options upon inquiry. Contact us with no obligation!

MDF in different colors

Black or colored MDF core boards offer many interesting possibilites. They contrast well with both painted and wood veneered TOPAKUSTIK® planks or panels.

Details for MDF in different colors

Coloured MDF

Colured MDF

ARIA-Plus and ARIA-Pure

Aria Plus Aria Pure

ARIA-Plus: The perforation is barely visible thanks to the deep grooving and the black MDF board. The grooves create the effect of individual bars. The product can be promoted as no added Formaldehyde.

ARIA-Pure: means silver fir through and through! We have the finger-jointed 3-layer silver fir plywood in stock in two 16mm-thick formats.

Formate ARIA Pure

Special core material

TOPAKUSTIK®- and TOPPERFO®- elements can also be manufactured from other standard core materials. These can be classified according to requirements with regard to: Fire behavior Appearance, e.g. special surface or panel design Special properties with regard to stability or moisture.

Details for Special core material


The advantages of the special core panels at a glance:

  • optimized fire behaviour possible
  • visual effect of the panel (special construction or surface)
  • improved characteristics in the area statistics or moisture

Individual solutions and options upon inquiry. Contact us with no obligation!