Topakustik Aria Plus 12/4M 28/4M


The advantages of this type at a glance:

  • “quiet” design
  • available in two groove types
  • natural and emission-free product
  • for health and environment

Upon request are individual solutions and options available. Please contact us without obligation!

Noise absorption in a discreet way
Natural or emission-free products are high in demand. We are able to present you a product who meets this trend and all so high acoustic and design desires. The product is a composition of natural materials in hardwood and a middle layer of MDF without added formaldehyde. Surface finishes are water based.

ARIA- Plus in two variants
TOPAKUSTIK – ARIA- Plus is available in the versions 12/4M and 28/4M. The excellent value in the low frequency range as well the stable absorption values in the entire audible frequency range make this novelty a TOP-Absorber.

“Quiet” Design
The type TOPAKUSTIK® types ARIA- Plus 12/4M, 28/4M- “quiet design”
The perforation is barely visible thanks to the deep grooving and the black MDF board in the middle layer. The grooves create the effect of individual bars.
The ARIA- Plus types in yellow spruce with knops or in withe fir with finger joints provide a unique quiet surface design

Health and environment – natural and beautiful!
The product components are solid wood, black MDF without added formaldehyde (E0), formaldehyde-free gluing and the water based surface treatment. That gives the status of an environmental material for the perfect indoor application.


ARIA-Plus – Simple design
TOPAKUSTIK® type ARIA-Plus 12/4M, 28/4M, RL3, RL4
The deep grooving into the black core board provides a depth effect, which accentuates
the solid areas as single pinewood strips. ARIA-Plus is available in Spruce with knots
or White Fir with finger joints.

ARIA-Pure – Natural design
TOPAKUSTIK® / TOPPERFO® type ARIA-Pure 12/4M, 28/4M, RL3, RL4, Micro
Natural wood 3-layer board with resin containing very little formaldehyde. Pure nature
with typical solid wood character. ARIA-Pure is available in White Fir with finger joints.

– Produced from spruce- and fir wood
– Partly combined with black MDF core board without added formaldehyde
– On request available with lifelike UV-light protection impregnation
– For wall application: Protection against dirt using natural water-based paint.
– All surface treatments are water-based: Our contribution for sustainable building in modern architecture!

Technical Specification

Topakustik Aria 12-4 Data Sheet 1
Topakustik Aria 24-4 Data Sheet 1
Topakustik Aria 12/4, 24/4 Data Sheet 2

Acoustic Results

Aria 12/4 7.5%

Aria 24/4 9.3%

Topakustik Documentation

Topakustik Brochure
Topakustik Installation Manual
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Topakustik Warranty

CSI Specification: Topakustik Panels on Ceiling
CSI Specification: Topakustik Panels on Walls
CSI Specification: Topakustik Planks on Ceiling
CSI Specification: Topakustik Planks on Walls

References to This Type

Type: TOPAKUSTIK® Planks type ARIA-Plus 28/4 M

Surface: 3-layer White fir with finger-Joints hardwood, Aqua UV-light protection Aqua Sun-Ex

Photographer: Sibylle Kathriner Fotografie, Stans

Type: TOPAKUSTIK® Planks type 12/4 ARIA-Plus & 14/2 M

Surface: Multilayer White fir, raw & lacquered RAL 9010 white

Type: TOPAKUSTIK® – Plank Type ARIA-Plus 28/4 M

Surface: Multi-layer White fir with finger-joints hardwood, Aqua UV-light protection

Photographer: Sibylle Kathriner Fotografie, Stans

Type: TOPAKUSTIK® – Plank ARIA-Plus 12/4 M

Surface: White fire without finger-joints hardwood, Aqua UV-light protection, Aqua Sun-Ex

Architect: Wunderli Planung GmbH, Thayngen

Photographer: K.Klemenz,