Topperfo Type Micro


2, 2.5 or 3mm between holes
0.5mm hole


Unique 0.5mm micro perforated high performance veneered, painted or continuous pressure laminate faced sound absorbing acoustic panels, available as custom size panels, suitable for walls or ceilings. Perforations “invisible” when viewed from a relatively small distance. Specific customer designed artwork or patterns can be created with the micro perforation process. Non-combustible EN B-s2d0 MDF substrate (European BS Class O equivalent) or fire retardant lacquer or paint surface finishes to DIN B1 (European Class 1 Surface Spread of Flame equivalent). Curved panel solutions are also available. Face perforation pattern centres are available which provide high sound absorption to the top end of Euroclass B standard.

The Micro Perforations measure just 0.5mm. Topperfo Micro has an extremely high absorption values across the entire frequency band.

– The star of the wood acoustic panel line – unmatched aesthetic beauty
– Acoustic paneling without changing your millwork aesthetic
– Nearly invisible treatment with incredibly high absorption
– Unperforated borders and customization is possible
– Nearly 25,000 holes per square foot this product can perform better than the competition
– The TOP product in our line of TOPakustik and TOPperfo panels!

Technical Specification

Topperfo Micro Data Sheet 1
Topperfo Micro Data Sheet 2

Acoustic Results


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