Topperfo Type Graphic


A graphic design can be created by omitting particular holes. Discover 16 different designs/ideas in the photo gallery below. The drawings of them and further 37 designs are available in the technical documentation.

The TOPAKUSTIK team will answer any questions needed to help produce your graphic design!


Type Micro Graphic
Graphic patterns of many characteristics are realizable. Are you looking for a portrait or do you prefer an abstract pattern? Your possibilities are almost unlimited! Let us transform your ideas into an acoustical work of art. We will be pleased to assist you.

Technical Specification

Topperfo Graphic Data Sheet 1
Topperfo Graphic Data Sheet 2

Graphic Documentation

Topperfo Graphic

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References to This Type

Type: TOPPERFO® Panel type Graphic Micro

Surface: melamine eco White B3002 LP

Architect: Jonas Architectes Associés SA, Ettelbruck, LUX

Photographer: Stephan Offermann, LUX

Type: TOPPERFO® – Panel type Graphic, Leaf

Surface: RAL 9010 white lacquered

Type: TOPPERFO® – Panel type Micro Graphic

Surface: RAL 9010 white lacquered

Architect: EYP Architecture

Photographer: Hamilton Associates, US

Type: TOPPERFO® Type M

Surface: 3 layer wood board Spruce A/B 22 mm, NCS S 2010-Y20R lacquered

Architect: Meyer Gadient Architekten AG, Luzern