Topperfo Type T


Discreet and good absorption
Acoustic panels in their best form, as well as in all materials and surfaces. Set back Perforation-edges and offset perforatoin at cut-outs on demand.

The advantages of this type at a glance:

  • discreet and good absorption
  • ideal for all materials and surfaces
  • edges and contrasting perforation at will

Individual solutions and options upon inquiry. Please contact us without obligation!


TOPPERFO® type T series – discreet and good absorption
Acoustic panel in its tried and tested form, and in all materials and surfaces. Non perforated borders and areas for according to your requirements.

Technical Specification

Topperfo T Data Sheet

Acoustic Results

16/16/5 T 19%

Topperfo Documentation

Topakustik Brochure
Topakustik Installation Manual
Important Installation Instructions
LEED Product Information
Topakustik Edge Options
Topakustik Warranty

CSI Specification: Topakustik Panels on Ceiling
CSI Specification: Topakustik Panels on Walls
CSI Specification: Topakustik Planks on Ceiling
CSI Specification: Topakustik Planks on Walls

References to This Type

Type: TOPPERFO® Panel type T 16/16/10-4

Surface: melamine eco white B3002 LP

Architect: Studio Groen+Schild, Deventer

Photographer: Witteveen + Bos., Deventer

Type: TOPPERFO® – Panel type Micro & T

Surface: Oak veneered, natural lacquered & RAL 9010 white lacquered

Type: TOPAKUSTIK® type 14/2, 29/3 and TOPPERFO® type T

Surface: MDF Melamine Innovus M3861 Acacia Bianchi TNL, NCS S 2002-Y50R & NCS S 3020-G50Y lacquered

Architect: MadiLancos Studio KFT, Hungary

Photographer: Bujnovszky Tamás Photography, Budapest

Type: TOPPERFO® Type T and Plain panels

Surface: MDF Birch veneered, lightening, semi-gloss varnish

Architect: Tischlerei Lüth, 6170 Zirl